Why You Choose FEA Consultancy from Simutech?

Are you looking for assistance with an analysis? Do you need to assess your design but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you don’t have the resources for your own analysis department and are looking to outsource to a reliable partner. With our expertise in simulation, Simutech is the ideal partner for your simulation consultancy requirements. Drawing on our detailed knowledge of structural, electromagnetic and fluid analysis, as well as optimization processes, our experienced engineers can help with analyses for many different industries. We provide a professional consultancy service which is tailored to your individual needs, whether it is a large long-term project, or a small one-off analysis. Simutech is based in Taiwan, with offices in Taipei and Taichung, but we can work with you remotely as required. Simutech can help solve your problems, so do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your requirements.

What kind of challenge can we simulate for you?

Structural Strength Analysis

Static and dynamic stress-strain simulation, thermal stress, multi-body dynamics, impact and crash, drop test, vibration and modal analysis, and composite materials.

Forming Process Analysis

Sheet metal stamping, cold-rolling, hot-rolling, forging, tube bending and other metal processing simulations.

Construction Strength Analysis

Wind resistance and anti-seismic analysis of buildings.

Fatigue and Durability Analysis

Estimate the fatigue life based on the loading conditions of structure and material.

CFD Analysis

Analyze the cooling of electronic systems, ventilation in buildings, and effect of air resistance.

Acoustic and Vibration Analysis

Investigate the effect of structural-acoustic coupling, such as the performance of a vehicle silencer, or the sound pressure level in a room or vehicle.

Electromagnetic-Thermal-Structural Coupling Analysis

Evaluate the performance of motors and transformers, induction heating, microwave thermal field and thermal stress.

Optimization Analysis

We can help improve the strength, reduce the weight, or increase the performance of your design through shape or parametric optimization, helping avoid repeated cycles of trial and error.

Electromagnetic Analysis

Electromagnetic analysis for high frequency applications, such as antennas, connectors and radars, through to low frequency applications such as magnets and motors.