Our Mission

We work hard toward our goal of being trusted advisor.

about Simutech Simutech is a technical company specializing in selling and supporting software for computer-aided engineering (CAE). It is a professional reseller of the SIMULIA brand of analysis software from Dassault Systèmes. With more than 30 years of FEA experience we have in-depth knowledge of the software, and we provide our customers with high quality training, technical services, and product development solutions.


Our strong sales and technical teams are dedicated to helping our customers every step of the way, from initial contact and product introduction, through to training and detailed technical support. Our solutions help customers establish a smooth path for innovation, productivity and profitability.


Leveraging industry-proven methods, our engineering team has provided professional software and engineering consulting services to industries, schools, and research institutions in many different fields, from electronics and semiconductor industries, to automotive and aerospace, to materials science and biomedical.


Simutech aims to achieve excellence in technical services and customer relationships. We strive to realize this goal by pushing our boundaries to meet customer needs in product development and design, by providing professional consulting services and customized solutions, and by establishing long-term strategic partnerships.

Our Service


The team of consultants at Simutech has a breadth of experience and offers a comprehensive consulting service. Through advanced and efficient CAE analysis, we can predict and solve the problems that may be encountered during product development.

Technical Support

We have an experienced and professional engineering team of CAE consultant, known for our commitment and quality. We understand the challenges faced by our customers and are committed to providing solutions for complex technical problems through multi-physics simulations.

Training Course

We provide complete training courses for our full portfolio of engineering software. Consisting of theory, examples and workshops, the classes help our customers to develop their CAE analysis skills, enabling them to become more productive and competitive.

Secondary Development

Simutech provides a customization service for customers who wish to extend the functionality of the original software. Plug-ins or standalone programs are developed using Python, JAVA, C++ or Fortran, and help our customers to save both time and effort whilst improving their product designs.


Our development team has a selection of customization tools and plug-ins that are available for users. Using these tools, users from many industries can make efficient use of the software and can tackle their engineering challenges more smoothly.


For those looking to improve their simulation skills, we have an online training platform. This allows users to log on for training videos at any time during their maintenance period, without being restricted by time or place.